The 10-step guide to becoming a Coachella style queen

Want to be a Coachella ‘style queen’? You’re in luck.

But what does it take to become a bonafied Coachella style hero? Allow us to present the criteria (based on multiple social media pictures).

Floral head garlands

Coachella remains the only festival where floral head garlands are still celebrated. In the UK, tiaras are being touted as a grungy replacement, but in California you’re a nobody unless your head is adorned in some form of floral decoration.

60s flares

The most punishing and inaccessible of all Coachella trends, the 60s flares are a perfect way of illustrating your long, toned limbs.


This is not a festival for the pale and interesting, and you obviously can’t be seen sunbathing because that absolutely doesn’t fit in with Coachella’s carefree, breezy vibe. Those vying for the festival fashion crown should have faked it in advance.

Round John Lennon sunglasses

Forget perennially cool styles such as Wayfarers or Aviators, last year everyone went for John Lennon circular shades – despite the fact that they suit pretty much no one. This year: We’re predicting yellow tinted sunglasses.

Wear something risqué

You can’t behave recklessly because you can’t drink very much at Coachella, so pretend it’s all very wild out there by showing off a piercing or a nipple. Kendall Jenner, we’re looking at you kid.

Denim cut-offs

Denim cut-offs reign supreme even after all these years. Levi’s is currently the brand of choice. How to make them even more ‘hot right now’? Wear with fishnets like Kylie Jenner and try to ignore the fact you feel like you’re wrapped in chicken wire.

Hair dying

Your natural hair colour just will not do this year at Coachella. Taylor Swift went peroxide blonde last year, Kylie Jenner and Poppy Delevingne tried peach and Katy Perry last sported a pink ‘do at the festival. Jenner couldn’t decide on one colour, so she wore them all – please see above.

Flash tattoos (or at least some jeweled facial decoration)

Vanessa Hudgens, who is known for her consistent Coachella style efforts, typically of the boho persuasion, decorated her face with bindi-inspired jewels (cultural re-appropriation has always been big at Coachella), as did fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni. Others have favoured the more classic temporary body tattoos.

Travel with a brand

Don’t get us wrong, we wouldn’t turn down the offer, but no Coachella fashion girl pays for either a flight or the $400 ticket #thanks #soldmysoul #butitwasworthit.

This year we’re heading to Coachella with our mates at Very Exclusive. High fives all round.

Obligatory Ferris wheel picture

So you’ve got your outfit together, you’re sporting a healthy tan, you’ve dyed your hair, are wearing a head garland and are feeling like a hippy descendant (albeit a clean-living, preened version with less political passion). There’s only one step left. Tell everyone about the fun you haven’t yet had (because you’ve been busy prepping your look and have still not been allowed a drink such are the Coachella rules) by posing in front of the Coachella giant Ferris wheel, using the two finger peace sign and/or a slow mo jump, for an Instagram picture that you’ll then share with the world #blessed.

10 summer fashion trends you should be wearing right now

Hurry up summer – we’re totally over our winter wardrobe, and we just want to embrace the biggest fashion trends of 2017.

The cold shoulder trend still remains huge with deconstructed shirts; 80s party wear and the slogan T-shirt will be your new go-to wardrobe essential. But will you be brave enough to try the full-on florals and the ruffles?

We’ve curated 10 catwalk trends that will most influence your wardrobe choices (and bank balance) this year. Which looks will make the biggest impact on your wardrobes this summer?

See the 10 trends everyone will be wearing below:


Think metallics, disco leggings and the one-shoulder dress – the ’80s is back, everyone! This is pure night-time attire – short minis and neon spandex. It’s definitely not for the shy types.



Fashion with function is all the rage for 2017. Designers have cottoned on to the fact that we have shit to do, so we’re workwear inspired pieces were big on the catwalks, with relaxed shapes and muted shades ‘







Exaggeration was a key trend for summer 2017. Think shoulder detailing, cinched it waists and oversized shirts.



How To Dress For The Office In Style?

Though nowadays people like to dress casually in the workplace, but you must have to be a little stylish and look good. Do not wear too casual or too formal. The main thing is your comfort. Your office dress should be enough comfortable to carry throughout the day.

Here is a list of some business casual style tips.

Focus on fit – Proper fitting of the outfit should be your primary concern. Do not let your ill-fit clothes destroy your style statement. Avoid wearing large or skinny fit because neither of them can make you look good. You must wear properly fitted clothes to look smart.

Build with basics – After getting the idea about your correct fit, start filling up your wardrobe with basics. At first try to get mix and match clothes so that you can wear them with any outfit. Different types of jackets, pants, ties and shirts should be your first priority. Go creative with different patterns, colours and textures, after a solid closet full of basics has been built by you.

The business casual essentials – The maximum levels of versatility can be achieved by you with minimum effort by choosing your essentials very carefully.

Blazers – Get a proper fitted blazer that should not peak on your shoulders. The blazer should fit square with slim sides. It should not be very long and finish just below your hip. You must show off the cuffs of your shirt from the jacket. After purchasing a blazer, see a tailor to get all these details.

There are three types of blazers available for winter and summer. A classic navy blazer should be your first choice to flatter your physique. With peak or notch lapels and single breast design, this blazer can help to enhance your look. Go for grey tweed blazer for winter. Opt for a beige pure cotton blazer for summer to keep your body cool.

Shirts – Check the fit in the shoulders to get a good fitting shirt. There should be two fingers gap between the neck and the collar. Buy a shirt with slim-fit design if you have broad shoulders. Go for checks, stripes and gingham versions of standard colours like pale pink, white and light blue.

Trousers – Trousers are the most important parts of your formal outfit. For getting a semi-formal work look, go for mid-weight cotton chinos of camel or navy colours. Do not invest much in cropped trousers.

Thus, follow these tips to get a stylish business casual look.

Five Trends Continuing to Live in Our Wardrobes

Are you ready for a new spring/summer 2017 season? Few tips will help you to invest in the pieces that will leave in your wardrobe longer than one season. Stripe pattern is always a classy choice for every occasion and any look. Striped tops, dresses and trousers always look elegant and modish at the same time. Striped shirtdress can be a perfect option for those lazy mornings, when you do not know what to wear. Minimal knitwear with a stripe pattern will add a chic mood to your look. Invest in something simple and minimal and you will love it for years!

When it comes to sneakers, comfort and style are going together. Great bonus for the busy weekdays, isn’t it? Pair of sneakers can complement every minimalist look. Go for fashionable options with details and patterns to create the trendy outfit. Choose off white – if you are the classics lover! Knitted coat or chunky cardigan becomes a ‘must-have’ for everyone who wants to look stylish, but effortless. Great casual wear piece for the big city life or park walk during the weekend.

Multi layers are comfortable option for changing British weather. Adding more layers to your outfit will make it worthy and interesting to look at. Every type of outwear can be combined with knitted cardigan or a jacket.

Culottes as a modernised option of classier wide-leg trousers are still at the catwalks. Combine it with heels and blouse or shirt for party look or a pair of sneakers to go casual. Choose the pattern according to your personal style and body shape and you will always look trendy!

5 Sexy Cocktail Dresses You Must Have In Your Closets Now

When you wish to rock any party, you instantly start searching for the same everywhere; on the Internet, market and ask your bestie to lend one. But, it becomes quite important to research efficiently for the desired dress so that you can hit the party with the best of your party look. With that, if the guidelines seem useful, you can conquer that party in an enhanced way. We have compiled some of the sexy cocktail dresses one must opt while selecting that perfect dress for that memorable evening. Let us now see some of the great picks:

Go Floral

A floral cocktail dress can uplift the elegance in a greater way; you can opt such a great piece to give your look uplift. If you are feeling bold, go for a big, bright print. The cautious among us may prefer the smaller ditsy florals that are omnipresent this spring.

The floor-length beauty

A simple yet stunning floor-length dress in a bright color looks gorgeous; it can be dressed down with flats and a casual handbag during your day outs. The slip dress silhouette works best on tall figures. Empire-waist and halter dresses are super flattering on curved bodies. And petite ladies who want to look loftier might opt for a solid color head-to-toe straight away.

The knee-length tailored cocktail dress

If you are planning to attend a formal function, such knee-length tailored cocktail dress will work wonders. Plus, a neat-and-tidy dress is always ideal for mornings when you do not want to worry about what to wear to your work.

The beautiful little white dress

Whites are not restricted to summers anymore, nowadays; a lovely white dress can work as well. Red is the color that can go really well with your cute little white dress. You can add a pop of color like red in the form of a belt, sandals, and accessories.

The stunning little black dress

This miraculous piece can be found easily when you search for a cocktail dresses online. A little black dress cannot go wrong in any way as it works on every body type and adds to the glamor. For evening parties, you can select a little black dress with the best accessories, makeup, and messy hair buns.

Tip For Purchasing The Right Men’s Wallets For You Read more: Tip For Purchasing The Right Men’s Wallets For You

For one thing, you need to choose what measure you might want your wallet to be. There are a lot of alternatives to browse when settling on this choice. You can run with a little and reduced wallet that may just be three inches in length, or you can buy a more drawn out wallet so you don’t need to fold things when you store them inside. A few wallets can reach up to 8 inches long. Frequently the individuals who are hoping to buy wallets this long need to store things, for example, a checkbook within them.

The size you pick will just rely on upon your own inclination. Maybe you get a kick out of the chance to fold your wallet up and stick it in your back pocket. If so, then you likely need to buy a tri fold. Possibly you get a kick out of the chance to keep your wallet in your inside coat pocket or jacket take. For this situation you may need one that is longer and compliment so it doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be excessively massive.

There are distinctive sorts that you can browse. On the off chance that you need brisk access to money or credit cards, then you might need to buy a cash cut wallet. This sort is exactly how it sounds, a cash cut and a wallet combined together in one thing. You bamboozle both universes with this sort. Some are made with magnets, and some are basically made with adaptable metal. In case you’re pondering buying one with a magnet, ensure that the magnet is sufficiently solid.

Picking the correct present for your friends and family can baffle undertaking uniquely in the event that you are very little comfortable with the interests and hobbies of the individual you expect to send the blessing. Today I will discuss one present thought for men which each man will love to get and you can be agreeable at picking this blessing as the right decision. A decision for the style of wallet for men relies on upon the use of it. For the most part men put their wallets at the back pocket of their jeans; thus there is a more possibility for the wallet to get pressed out of the shape effortlessly. Such individuals ought to pick wallet, which ought to be of amazing, which work bravo, additionally which regards take a gander at, so as to bring the style. For instance, a Bi-fold and Tri-fold wallet for men is a decent decision. They have many credit card spaces.

Finding a men’s wallet is not a hard assignment possibly, you can likewise discover better than average offers on eBay site. Additionally there are such a variety of men’s leather wallet sites out there, simply sort “Men’s Wallets” in Google and you will wind up with a few sites with alluring costs. Keep in mind to note that web based requesting through internet business sites may cost you extra charges through transportation and dealing with expenses, yet it truly depends some will give free delivering administration on their items. In the event that you frequently stress over losing your wallet, then you might need to consider getting one with a chain. You can connect the anchor to your jeans, coat, or baggage with a specific end goal to keep it attached safely to you. When you buy this sort, you can relax realizing that it will be substantially harder to lose it.

Summer Dresses For Outdoor Parties

Come summer and all we can think of is pool parties and cocktail get togethers in the lawn. We personally think summers are the best time of the year where you see and experience the outdoors at its best. Surely you have a lot planned, from summer expeditions to chilled out summer nights with your gal pals. Well, let’s just say you are about to do it fashionably.

If you are wondering about what new to wear this season, then you are reading this at the right time. From the best silhouettes and styles trending on the runway to the designer to get it from, find all that right here. Here are some of the most popular summer dresses and gowns you would love to make yours.


Cold shoulder tops, dresses and gowns are all over the runway and are being loved a lot for its summery vibe. For people who do not like to show too much skin yet be totally trendy, cold shoulder dresses and gowns is what you need to look out for. Checkout designer Shruti Ranka and Nidhika Shekhar for fun summer gowns with cold shoulder styles.


Halter necks are definitely summer favourites. Planning for a cocktail evening with your friends? Choose halter neck gowns with embellished details which gives the easy breezy summer vibe. Pick up from halter neck gowns of designer Shivani Awasty and Mandira Wirk.


Sheer dresses in net and organza is fun and vibrant. Flaunt sheer short dresses with embroidery work to your brunch meets with gal pals. Perfect summer wear, they are light for the weather and the right bit of sexy with its sheerness. Malini Ramani and Anita Dongre’s latest collection at Lakme Fashion Week 2017 has an entire range of sheer dresses in organza, ideal for your summer wardrobe.


Summers are all about prints and patterns for sure. From large and bold florals to animal prints, there is a lot prints to experiment from this summer. Opt for multi printed details in fabrics like free flowing crepe and georgette featuring details like tassels and pompoms for that bohemian vibe we all love to have during summers.

The Best Women’s Shoes and Heels Shop Online

Done with the party dress. Everything looks just perfect and fabulous. The color of the dress chosen looks exceptional. The hair style is also unique .The elegant make up is adding charm to the whole get up. The trendy accessories also look marvelous. So do you think actually your party look is complete? If you think so, then you are wrong.

The shoes and footwear play an important role to get ready for going to an event or party. The shoes just not only cover and protect your feet. It also adds beauty to the whole outfit.

It’s the shoes after the dresses which every women love to buy with same spirit. Women do not hesitate to spend money on shoes after having a perfect party dress. The women’s shoes can be purchased online also. You can place an order easily by just sitting at your home. You do not need to go out and spare time from your hectic schedule. This online shopping can be done 24 X 7. This means you have an ease to do shopping at your convenience.

There are many occasions for which you require to buy shoes and footwear. You need some formal pair of shoes to go to a party like farewell party, graduation party, prom party, evening party, cocktail party, or a family get together or just an evening outing.

Here you will get variety of footwear. You will get variety in shades, heels, designs etc. The different shades available like darling mauve, tangy orange, gorgeous red, cute pink, sunny yellow, cool blue, party perfect black, calm white etc. The different designs like shiny, covered, strapped etc. are something which you cannot find at any other website or the market and malls.

You can get the heels online shop at just one click. The wedge heel, pencil heel, medium heel etc. are the varieties which you will get easily at single one shop online. You will require high heel if you have short height. The short and medium heels will suit those who are tall in height.

This website is useful for not only for women but also for men. You can order some surprise gifts for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, aunty etc. The easy return policies will help you to shop with comfort. You do not have to worry about the point of getting wrong size.The speedy delivery will give your desired piece very soon.

What Are The Top Trends in Men’s Fashion?

In the today’s fashion forward world, now even the men are very much concerned about their looks. Not only this, they have even come out their shell and adorn some experimental looks. The casual, formal and traditional clothing has now evolved way too much for men as compared to their previous style files. The men’s trend has surely evolved and now men themselves stay updated with them. From futuristic to suave, edgy to comfortable, these are the top trends in men’s fashion:

1. Infuse Metallics

For a futuristic metallic twist, ditch that run-of-the-mill formal look and pick a striking garment, like a flashy gold bomber-like jacket. Finish with a pair of golden canvas shoes with the least amount of shimmer.

2. White-On-White

All-white outfits are not a common occurrence. Hence, by wearing white, a person is set to make a visual impact and be in the spotlight. Tones of white and cream naturally add bulk to your frame. So, it’s a great choice if you have a thin frame and want to create the illusion of broader shoulders. Such combinations can also go in Indo-western dresses for men that looks really regal.

3. Patterned Trousers

Make a real statement by utilizing print on the leg wear instead of your jacket. There are several ways of trying your hand at this trend, depending on just how comfortable and confident a person is with the experimentation.

4. Velvet Wonder

Think an understated yet impressive masculine look in smooth, luxurious velvet. Pair a practical blazer with slim-fit trousers in the same color. The Deep dark winter tones like midnight blue, emerald green, burgundy and black will impart a certain flamboyance. There are various bandhgala suits online that are made out of velvet and are being loved by the men.

5. Prints & Checks

Don’t enslave yourself to tuxedos and blazers. Unless the party commands a strict dress code, you can loosen your collar and shake things up a bit. Create a playful, masculine look with an interesting use of checks and innovation in print placement.

6. Play With Patchwork

Cut and paste fabrics are a key theme this season. Let your trouser and jacket pop up with pieces in contrasting shades and fabrics. The whole must revolve around two or three colors. More than that, and you cross over to the tacky zone. If you are planning to accessorize, the add-ons must belong to the same color scheme

Trending Colour Combinations In Fashion This Year

The fashion world is ever evolving and coming up with fresh new trends every season. This year has brought in a fresh wave of new silhouettes, styles and colour combinations. We love the colour combinations that are doing the rounds this year, especially on the runway. It’s no more the same colour combinations that have been tried and tested over the year. The designers are creating stunning new collections in classic as well as distinct colour trends and we are loving it.

If you are a fan of experimenting with colours and flaunting your fashion sense, then here are some of the top trending colour combinations you should try this year.


White and gold is a luxurious colour combination which is often seen in occasional wears and bridal collections. Anita Dongre, the design mastermind, has played with this trending colour combinations in a lot of her lehengas and anarkalis. Anita Dongre’s latest collection at Lakme Fashion Week, ‘Alchemy’ was a charming range of organza and silk dresses, skirts, bandi jackets and more in white & gold with intricate thread and sequin work which adds to its beauty.


Anything coral and pink is reminiscent of summer. And when the colours come together, it gives a stunning colour combination that is vibrant and fresh. Designer Nikasha’s latest runway collection displays saris, jackets, skirts and tops in coral and pink. Easy and breezy, Nikasha’s designer womenswear collection is all you need to rock the summer parties in style.


Indigo and white is a classic colour combinations which is an all-time favorite. From tie dyed indigo and white kurtas and anarkalis to printed palazzos, the classic colour combination has been loved since forever for its soothing yet stylish look. There is something very comfortable and unique about indigo and whites and hence we are head over heels in love with the latest collection of Designer Poonam Dubey. Poonam Dubey’s runway show displayed a wide range of skirts, capes, kurtas, palazzos and more in this classic colour combination of indigo & white.


The right blend of dark and light, this colour combination is unique and distinct. Midnight & powder blue combination was introduced this year by ace designer Payal Singhal in her latest collection. From jumpsuits and jackets to skirts, crop tops and palazzos, Payal Singhal designer collection flaunting a stunning combination of midnight and powder blue.