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Timeshare Exchanges: A Guide

Some organizations after researching have now come out and affirmed that out of ten timeshare owners eight of them deposit their weeks to exchange while the remaining two do so in their home resorts. presuming that the Owner Occupancy Level is at 20%, then it is expected that getting a trade to whatever you want is quite simple.

It is conversely unfortunate as resorts no longer have low OOL’s. Most resorts have an Owner Occupancy Level of ninety percent. This is how a timeshare owner can quickly get to determine the OOL and probability of getting the exchange they want.

Most resorts and clubs have pinned out their programs making it easy for people to get the information they need to know about. This happens mainly during the max out seasons such as Christmas, Easter, summers, and winters.
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If somebody pays a lot of money to spend at a resort, then clearly it is hard for them to get an exchange to another resort as it is they have already made their payments. You should, therefore, expect a very high Owner Occupancy Level in such a place. Not unless a customer then decides to relocate their destinations or take their families on vacations outside their regular routine then this gives other people the chance to get reservations.
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You should know that apart from the prices on purchase, there are other factors that you need to look into. As there are resorts that have high Owner Occupancy Levels during all times be it winter or summer as compared to other resorts.
Getting transactions at timeshare clubs is tough. This is because club owners do not have to use RCI or II to transfer to other resorts within the club. Because of this reason, clubs have a great OOL.

Thus how does one exclusively ascertain how much availability they could get at a resort at the time they are planning on going? Simple. You can quickly ask RCI or II, but it does depend on the exchange councilor you are talking with. Since not all can give you the answers you need. You could also call the resort directly and find out from them.

If a resort has a great Owner Occupancy Level during a period then one should not assume that this will be its trend in the following seasons to come. More to that, there are so many, and large resorts that have come up nowadays that have straightforward exchange. Resorts situated in the major metropolitan areas are likely to have high OOL. A research shows that in these recent times timeshare owners prefer spending vacations close to their homes.