What Are The Top Trends in Men’s Fashion?

In the today’s fashion forward world, now even the men are very much concerned about their looks. Not only this, they have even come out their shell and adorn some experimental looks. The casual, formal and traditional clothing has now evolved way too much for men as compared to their previous style files. The men’s trend has surely evolved and now men themselves stay updated with them. From futuristic to suave, edgy to comfortable, these are the top trends in men’s fashion:

1. Infuse Metallics

For a futuristic metallic twist, ditch that run-of-the-mill formal look and pick a striking garment, like a flashy gold bomber-like jacket. Finish with a pair of golden canvas shoes with the least amount of shimmer.

2. White-On-White

All-white outfits are not a common occurrence. Hence, by wearing white, a person is set to make a visual impact and be in the spotlight. Tones of white and cream naturally add bulk to your frame. So, it’s a great choice if you have a thin frame and want to create the illusion of broader shoulders. Such combinations can also go in Indo-western dresses for men that looks really regal.

3. Patterned Trousers

Make a real statement by utilizing print on the leg wear instead of your jacket. There are several ways of trying your hand at this trend, depending on just how comfortable and confident a person is with the experimentation.

4. Velvet Wonder

Think an understated yet impressive masculine look in smooth, luxurious velvet. Pair a practical blazer with slim-fit trousers in the same color. The Deep dark winter tones like midnight blue, emerald green, burgundy and black will impart a certain flamboyance. There are various bandhgala suits online that are made out of velvet and are being loved by the men.

5. Prints & Checks

Don’t enslave yourself to tuxedos and blazers. Unless the party commands a strict dress code, you can loosen your collar and shake things up a bit. Create a playful, masculine look with an interesting use of checks and innovation in print placement.

6. Play With Patchwork

Cut and paste fabrics are a key theme this season. Let your trouser and jacket pop up with pieces in contrasting shades and fabrics. The whole must revolve around two or three colors. More than that, and you cross over to the tacky zone. If you are planning to accessorize, the add-ons must belong to the same color scheme