The 10-step guide to becoming a Coachella style queen

Want to be a Coachella ‘style queen’? You’re in luck.

But what does it take to become a bonafied Coachella style hero? Allow us to present the criteria (based on multiple social media pictures).

Floral head garlands

Coachella remains the only festival where floral head garlands are still celebrated. In the UK, tiaras are being touted as a grungy replacement, but in California you’re a nobody unless your head is adorned in some form of floral decoration.

60s flares

The most punishing and inaccessible of all Coachella trends, the 60s flares are a perfect way of illustrating your long, toned limbs.


This is not a festival for the pale and interesting, and you obviously can’t be seen sunbathing because that absolutely doesn’t fit in with Coachella’s carefree, breezy vibe. Those vying for the festival fashion crown should have faked it in advance.

Round John Lennon sunglasses

Forget perennially cool styles such as Wayfarers or Aviators, last year everyone went for John Lennon circular shades – despite the fact that they suit pretty much no one. This year: We’re predicting yellow tinted sunglasses.

Wear something risqué

You can’t behave recklessly because you can’t drink very much at Coachella, so pretend it’s all very wild out there by showing off a piercing or a nipple. Kendall Jenner, we’re looking at you kid.

Denim cut-offs

Denim cut-offs reign supreme even after all these years. Levi’s is currently the brand of choice. How to make them even more ‘hot right now’? Wear with fishnets like Kylie Jenner and try to ignore the fact you feel like you’re wrapped in chicken wire.

Hair dying

Your natural hair colour just will not do this year at Coachella. Taylor Swift went peroxide blonde last year, Kylie Jenner and Poppy Delevingne tried peach and Katy Perry last sported a pink ‘do at the festival. Jenner couldn’t decide on one colour, so she wore them all – please see above.

Flash tattoos (or at least some jeweled facial decoration)

Vanessa Hudgens, who is known for her consistent Coachella style efforts, typically of the boho persuasion, decorated her face with bindi-inspired jewels (cultural re-appropriation has always been big at Coachella), as did fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni. Others have favoured the more classic temporary body tattoos.

Travel with a brand

Don’t get us wrong, we wouldn’t turn down the offer, but no Coachella fashion girl pays for either a flight or the $400 ticket #thanks #soldmysoul #butitwasworthit.

This year we’re heading to Coachella with our mates at Very Exclusive. High fives all round.

Obligatory Ferris wheel picture

So you’ve got your outfit together, you’re sporting a healthy tan, you’ve dyed your hair, are wearing a head garland and are feeling like a hippy descendant (albeit a clean-living, preened version with less political passion). There’s only one step left. Tell everyone about the fun you haven’t yet had (because you’ve been busy prepping your look and have still not been allowed a drink such are the Coachella rules) by posing in front of the Coachella giant Ferris wheel, using the two finger peace sign and/or a slow mo jump, for an Instagram picture that you’ll then share with the world #blessed.